The Like Jesus App was designed to help support the books and resources of Like Jesus to build a culture of disciplemaking.

The app was built on a hybrid platform so it works in a web browser, a phone browser, as an Android app, and an iOS app. You can even utilize the web app to work inside your existing church app (as a link to an in-app browser).

What does the app do or provide?

The app and digital platform allow the church to pay a small digital access fee to give your whole church an app experience (free to them) providing:

  • All full e-books (from Moody Publishers) and Small Group Discussion Guides
  • 4-Chair Assessment Tool
  • Real-time metrics and tracking (for Assessments, 4-Chair Tracking and Movement, Prayers, Spiritual Conversations, Salvations, and more)
  • Over 30 videos, many filmed in Israel, coinciding with each book.
  • Leadership materials and videos also provided
  • My Groups feature (for small group interaction/metrics)
  • Push notifications/alerts/reminders

All of this is managed from the church Management Portal. Real-time HD Dashboards will also be available (11-1-18) for offices and lobby areas.

See the App Tutorial Videos Here: