When you invite "staff" or other "leaders" to Digital Access, they do get extra access and privileges to the platform.

How do I invite staff?

In the side menu under MINISTRY SETTINGS click on VIEW LEADERS/STAFF.

Once here, you can send a special invitation link to give them extra access to the Digital Access Management Portal. They can access sermon notes, digital resources, artwork/graphics, and leader videos (on the Management Portal and in the mobile apps).

When they receive this invitation link via e-mail, they can click on it to either (1) create a new account with staff access or (2) if they already have an account they created, they can click on the invitation link and staff/leader access will be granted to their account.

What is the difference between the roles for users?

You can invite or set roles of staff/leaders here: https://manage.likejesus.church/members/staff

You can set/change roles of all users here: https://manage.likejesus.church/members/view

Ministry Leader

The Ministry Leader is just that, the person in charge of the ministry and the key contact of the ministry, department, or church. They have access to everything.


An administrator also has access to everything, but is setup for those that may be administering the account, users, billing, etc. 4 Chair Assessment scores can be shown or hidden (you can configure that here).

Staff Member

A staff member doesn't have access to billing and 4 Chair Assessment scores can be shown or hidden (you can configure that here) but can access leader videos, downloads, sermon notes, etc. They have access to both the Digital Access Management Portal and the App.


This is your people who are users on the app and have access to the books, videos, assessments, etc. They do not have access to the Digital Access Management Portal, only the app.

4 Chair Score Visibility (Staff Only, on or off)

The Ministry Leader can adjust settings in the Ministry Settings if they want anyone else from their staff to see individual 4 Chair Assessment scores from the end users in the app.

Setting Chair Score Visibility: https://manage.likejesus.church/church-settings